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Making the difference

I have a dream said a famous person a long time ago. I do believe that this is something that we all have in from of us and maybe we could do this as soon as possible? I mean, to realise our dreams we should be able to get whatever out of it and maybe also getting to know more of what this is all about, right? the dream is to make the small precision pumps work and therefore also getting to know lots of people, fixing lots of problems. Yes I do get this and I do believe that ...

Let's buy some shares

As a shareholder I would like to come in contact with other shareholders. I searched on the internet and I found a shareholder registrar, a place where all shareholders from different companies can search other shareholders. They can create a group of shareholders of one company and they can change information with each other. I am just a small shareholder just for fun to see how it works. It is not that I will earn a fortune with it but I am interested in a company and I thought let's buy some shares.